Audio: Megaman X5 Opening Theme by Capcom Sound Team

When Mega Man X5 came out, I really wanted to make my own version of the intro using DBZ images. My first really difficult and technical video from back in the day!

Changes: Due to unavailablity and/or low quality of the original images, I replaced most of the images with various kanzenban and other high quality ones.

Audio: One More Time by Kotono Shibuya

After the defeat of Cell, Trunks goes back to the future and finally deals justice to the androids and Cell responsible for destroying his future. The original song had sound effects since it was extracted from the Rockman X3 PSX game and I timed the scenes to match the sound effects.

Changes: Simplified the beginning and replaced all fades with normal cuts.

Audio: 2nd Coming by Toonami

My first non-DBZ video! Back when Cowboy Bebop aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, I made my own trailer for it. The funny thing is when I showed this video to some people, they thought it was a real Toonami trailer! In spirit of using the Dragon Box, this video was remastered with the even better looking Cowboy Bebop R2 dvds!

Changes: Had to simplify the intro since I couldn't find a DVD quality source of the Toonami intro. Mostly identical to original and Cartoon Network logo removed.

Audio: We Gotta Power Instrumental by Shunsuke Kikuchi

Far before I even thought of the Castor Box, I wanted to remake all of my videos and output them to VHS. Sadly I never got around to it, but a decade later, thanks to the advancement of technology and the Dragon Boxes, I was finally able to make it happen. This video was going to be the intro to the old "3G VHS Tape".

Changes: Small timing improvments. Unecessary credits removed.

Audio: Various Megaman X4 songs by Capcom Sound Team

I wanted to make a video game integrated DBZ video during my Mega Man X phase and didn't know how to do it. Now thanks to my experience working on the VG AMV Projects, I was finally able to complete this video.

Changes: Video is actually finished and complete.

Audio: Perfume No. 18 by KUKO and Yasumi

I wanted to make an Android #18 tribute for the longest time and actually started it back in the day, but never finished. After a decade, I'm finally glad I finished it. :)

Changes: Redone from scratch with no effects. Video is actually finished and complete.

Audio: Just Communication Type 2 by Two-Mix

Dedicated to the Afterlife Tournament Saga. After a decade of only having 2 clips edited, I'm finally glad to have finished it.

Changes: Video is actually finished and complete.

Audio: Truth Ballad Mix by Two Mix

A more serious video dealing with how the Z warriors cope with death in the series. I remember getting really far into it, but never finishing the video. Now after a decade, I'm glad to finally see it completed.

Changes: Extended to use full song and is now completed.

Audio: And Then by Ayumi Hamasaki

Changes: Removed the circle mattes from the beginning and replaced them with normal sized scenes. Small timing/fade changes.

Thus marks the final video under the old 3G name!

After 3G...

After the closing of 3G, I went on to create bigger videos like Dragon Bebop Z (my first award winning video), The VG AMV Projects,
Resident Evil 4 - Die Another Day, Go The Distance, Naruto Ball Z plus it's sequel, Naruto Ball Z Shippuden, and much more.
In 2009, I reunited with Megumi Hayashibara to make Reunion for my 10 year anniversary.

Even though my skills and technology had advanced throughout the years, the spirit of the old 3G videos was still present in everything I did.
If there's one piece of advice I can give to any aspiring editors, it's to stay true to yourself and make what you want.
That's the single most important piece of advice that got me this far and I hope all of you will achieve your dreams as well! :)

See my complete video list for everything I've done!