Q: What is the Castor Box?

A: The Castor Box is a compilation of remastered versions of the classic 3G videos from 1999-2001 all redone with Dragon Box footage. This has literally been the biggest request from the fans for over a decade and now I'm proud to say it's finally done!

Q: How many videos are in the Castor Box? Which videos are they?

A: The original 45 videos I featured on the site plus the 5 now completed Unreleased Compilation videos which is a total of 50 videos.

The videos are:


1. One More Chance (Dragon Ball Z, Makenai Ai Ga Kitto Aru by Yukie Nakama)
2. DBZ/EVA opening (Dragon Ball Z, Cruel Angel Thesis by Yohko Takahashi)
3. The Extreme Battle (Dragon Ball Z, The Extreme by Nobou Uematsu)
4. Spirit of the Saiya-jin (Dragon Ball Z, Tamashii no Rufuran by Yohko Takahashi)
5. Saiyajin Insane (Dragon Ball Z, Get along by Megumi Hayashibara)
6. Ginyu Style (Dragon Ball Z, Mystic eyes by Hiroki Wada)
7. Piccolo’s Might (Dragon Ball Z, Give a Reason by Megumi Hayashibara)
8. Genki Dama of Hope (Dragon Ball Z, Going History by Megumi Hayashibara)
9. Lonely Saiya-Jin Soldier (Dragon Ball Z, Lonely Space Soldier by Megumi Hayashibara)
10. Ruthless Fight (Dragon Ball Z, Sleepless Night by Megumi Hayashibara)
11. Painful Training (Dragon Ball Z, Tamashii no Rufuran Aqua Groove Remix by Megumi Hayashibara)
12. Nappa’s Fury (Dragon Ball Z, The Landing by Nobuo Uematsu)
13. Deadly Transformation (Dragon Ball Z, A Premonition by Nobou Uematsu)
14. Saiya-Jin Infinity (Dragon Ball Z, Infinity by Megumi Hayashibara)
15. Successful Mission (Dragon Ball Z, Successful Mission by Megumi Hayashibara)
16. Vegeta’s Daybreak (Dragon Ball Z, Daybreak Impression by Megumi Hayashibara)
17. Battle Spectacle (Dragon Ball Z, Sleepless Night Remix by Megumi Hayashibara)


18. Gohan’s Explosion (Dragon Ball Z, Just be Conscious by Megumi Hayashibara)
19. Chikyuu Marugoto (Dragon Ball Z, Marugoto by Kageyama Hironobu and AMMY)
20. Soul of Darkness (Dragon Ball Z, Run All The Way by Megumi Hayashibara)
21. Exit/Running (Dragon Ball Z, Exit Running by Megumi Hayashibara)
22. Eyes of Fire (Dragon Ball Z, Reflection by Megumi Hayashibara)
23. Soul of Darkness, Son of light (Dragon Ball Z, Run All The Way Fireball Groove Remix by Megumi Hayashibara)
24. Showdown (Dragon Ball Z, Dawn of the Children by Kuko)
25. Shooting Star (Dragon Ball Z, Shooting Star by Hattan Amika)
26. Gundam DBZ (Dragon Ball Z, Just Communication Instrumental by Kow Ootani)
27. Revenge (Dragon Ball Z, Dreams by Romantic Mode)
28. Don’t Lose Your Heart (Dragon Ball Z, Kujikenaikera by Megumi Hayashibara and Masumi Okui)
29. Don’t Be Discouraged (Dragon Ball Z, Don’t be discouraged Heartbeat remix by Megumi Hayashibara)
30. JC III – Just Communication 3 (Dragon Ball Z, Just Communication Groove Your Soul Remix by Two mix)
31. DBZ Muyo! (Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Universe Opening by Sonia)
32. Burning Fight (Dragon Ball Z, Burning Fight by Kageyama Hironobu)
33. The Faces of Good and Evil (Dragon Ball Z, Lively Motion by Megumi Hayashibara)
34. Love Will Leave You Crying (Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Universe English Opening by Sonia)
35. Call to Destiny (Dragon Ball Z, I’m Believer by Kotono Shibuya)
36. Hearts of Fury (Dragon Ball Z, Reflection Last Summer Mix by Megumi Hayashibara)
37. Kuririn (Dragon Ball Z, Hohoemi no Bakudan Kurama Remix by Megumi Ogata)
38. Beyond the Super Saiya-Jin (Dragon Ball Z, Trauma by Ayumi Hamasaki)
39. Hero (Dragon Ball Z, Kimi ga HERO by Kageyama Hironobu and Yuka)
40. The Perfect Warrior (Dragon Ball Z, Forbidden Power by Naoshi Mizuta)
41. Piccolo’s Might Android Saga Giga Remix (Dragon Ball Z, Give a Reason Giga Remix by Megumi Hayashibara)


42. DBZ/MMX5 Opening (Dragon Ball Z, Megaman X5 Opening Theme by Capcom Sound Team)
43. Fight the Future (Dragon Ball Z, One More Time by Kotono Shibuya)
44. Cowboy Bebop Toonami Trailer (Cowboy Bebop, 2nd Coming by Toonami)
45a. Unreleased Compilation A - 3G VHS Intro (Dragon Ball Z to We Gotta Power Instrumental by Shunsuke Kikuchi)
45b. Unreleased Compilation B - The Android Profiles (Dragon Ball Z to Various Megaman X4 songs by Capcom Sound Team)
45c. Unreleased Compilation C - Perfume No. 18 (Dragon Ball Z to Perfume No. 18 by KUKO and Yasumi)
45d. Unreleased Compilation D - Just Communication IV (Dragon Ball Z to Just Communication 2 by Two-Mix)
45e. Unreleased Compilation E - Life After Death (Dragon Ball Z to Truth Ballad Mix by Two Mix)
46. The Unknown Darkness (Dragon Ball Z to And then by Ayumi Hamasaki)

Q: Will the videos be exactly like their orginals, but in Dragon Box footage?

A: Yes and no. There is a massive difference in the framerates of old VHS fansubs, FUNi tapes, and edited Cartoon Network footage vs. The Dragon Box footage. In technical terms, all of my old VHS footage was captured and edited at 15-30 frames per second interlaced while all of the Dragon Box footage is 24 frames (23.976 actually) progressive. Unless I did a lot of un-natural tweaking which would be extremely noticeable and distracting, it would be impossible to edit the videos exactly like their originals.

A lot of the videos will be extended to use their full songs as opposed to being cut off abruptly, so they won't be the same anyways.

However, rest assured that I have carefully re-edited all of the videos to still feel like the originals while delivering a brand new experience. No insane timing, no special effects (like the TERRIBLE ones in the Gohan's Explosion Remake), and more simplified timing on certain videos (which I felt was a huge problem with the remakes). There will be much better timing, pacing, and scene selection which will be un-noticable. The new versions are edited so seamlessly that you'll literally have to watch them alongside the originals to notice the changes. Plus, a couple of videos will still have their lip flap left in for pacing purposes! :)

Several videos will have quite a lot of changes now that I have the entire series as opposed to a small amount of VHS tapes and a few will be edited closer to the original visions I had for them over a decade ago. One video I found quite terrible has even recieved a total makeover.

I know I won't be able to please everyone and I hope nobody accuses me of "George Lucasing" the videos. The Castor Box is not meant to replace the originals, but should serve as a tribute to the old videos. Keep in mind that I have taken a lot of of the criticism and concerns from the fans over the years and implemented them into the Castor Box videos. I guarantee Greedo won't shoot first. :)

Q: What footage did you used to remaster the videos? Did you use any of the new footage and/or Kai?

A: A mix between the Japanese and US Dragon Boxes. No footage from the Jump Special or Kai has been used.

Q: Will the movie footage be in widescreen like the JP Dragon Box or fullscreen like the FUNimation masters?

A: The movie footage will be in anamorphic widescreen (black bars on top to fit the entire widescreen picture) since I'm using the JP Dragon Box. I tried to crop the movies to be fullscreen, but they looked like crap, so you'll have to deal with a mix of both full and widescreen sources. At least they'll feel like the originals again.

Q: Why didn't you use Kai to remaster the videos? Especially in HD?

A: All of you should already know that Kai is a chopped version of DBZ to make it closer to the manga. If I used Kai, then I wouldn't be able to remaster 90% of the videos.

Q: Will the videos be in HD? Will they be upscaled to HD?

A: No, they will be in standard 480p resolution. The videos will NOT be upscaled to 720p or 1080p. Doing that will make them look worse. I don't plan on using any of DBZ Blu Rays or Kai.

Q: What type of files will the videos be downloadable in? avi? mkv? mp4?

A: The videos will be available in mp4 format and the quality is close to the Master files.

Q: Will 007/Dr Bond's or any former staff/guest videos be remastered as well?

A: Nope, sorry. Just only the ones I've made.

Q: Will all of the videos be available to watch? Especially on youtube?

A: All of the videos have been available since day 1 to stream and download. They will not be on YouTube due to my bad standing and TOEI Animation destroying 2 of my AMV accounts.

Q: Can I download and reupload the videos to youtube under my own account?

A: Please don't do that and just tell people to visit the site.